“Metroplan acts as a voice of regionalism and has worked as the council of local governments and Metropolitan Planning Organization for central Arkansas since 1955.”

Map 21

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century


Map-21 is the current funding and authorization bill that governs United States federal surface transportation policy and spending. It was passed by Congress on June 29, 2012, and President Barack Obama signed it into law on July 6, 2012. 

Performance Management
A key and new feature of Map-21 is the establishment of a performance and outcome-based program. The states are required to invest resources toward the achievement of national goals for (1) Safety, (2) Infrastructure Condition, (3) Congestion Reduction, (4) System Reliability, (5) Freight Movement and Economic Vitality,(6) Environmental Sustainability, and (7) Reduced Project Delivery Delays.
Regional Performance Measures
Metroplan is responsible for tracking the first five performance measures for central Arkansas, and for assisting the state with reaching statewide targets.  Metroplan has released a series of fact sheets on each performance measure.  Metroplan is working with the Arkansas Department of Transportation (ArDOT) to identify policies and projects that can help reach targets.
MAP 21 Fact Sheets 2019
MAP 21 Fact Sheets 2020 Updates
afety: Bike/Ped
MAP 21 Fact Sheets