“Metroplan acts as a voice of regionalism and has worked as the council of local governments and Metropolitan Planning Organization for central Arkansas since 1955.”


Economic Report
Metroplan’s new report describes economic trends in the region as pandemic recovery takes hold.
Little Rock Regional Economy in 2021
Metroplan’s Best Practices Newsletter
The newsletter will explore best practices related to community development, transportation and planning. The first issue discusses Making Connections for safer, more efficient, and more walkable neighborhoods.
Issue 1: Making Connections  January 2021
Metrotrends Newsletters
The Metrotrends Newsletters are generally the most up-to-date source on the latest demographic and economic trends in Central Arkansas. The annual Demographic Review and Outlook is generally published in June or July, while the annual Economic Review and Outlook is published in November or December.

2021 Economic Review and Outlook
This edition looks at the national and regional economy after a year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2020 Economic Review and Outlook
This edition looks at the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the national and regional economy.

2020 Demographic Review and Outlook
Articles include housing affordability and inequality rankings, population estimates, and Covid-19 and housing.

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Metroplan’s annual reports provide background on Metroplan’s activities and accomplishments each year.

2020 Metroplan Annual Report
2019 Metroplan Annual Report
2018 Metroplan Annual Report
2017 Metroplan Annual Report
2016 Metroplan Annual Report
2015 Metroplan Annual Report



CARTS Annual Reports provide background statistics on transportation and demographic trends in the Central Arkansas region.

2014 CARTS Annual Report
2012 CARTS Annual Report