“Metroplan acts as a voice of regionalism and has worked as the council of local governments and Metropolitan Planning Organization for central Arkansas since 1955.”

Transportation Studies

Often times during the year special studies are undertaken by the implementing agencies or are undertaken on their behalves by Metroplan, to provide more detailed information about a particular transportation project or transportation-related issue. These studies are detailed in the current Unified Planning Work Program and can range from planning-level documents to specific project design engineering and/or feasibility studies. Depending on the needs and funding availability, these studies are done in-house by staff or contracted to outside consultants.

Pedestrian/Bicyclist Crash Analysis 2015
Conway to Little Rock Express Bus Feasibility Study
I-630 Fixed Guideway Study Video
I-630 Fixed Guideway Final Report
I-630 Fixed Guideway Brochure
I-630 Fixed Guideway Alternate Alignments
2011 River Rail Phase 2 – Final Report  
2011 Congestion Management Process Report

Transportation Plans

Jump Start

Walkable Cabot

Mayflower by the Numbers