“Metroplan acts as a voice of regionalism and has worked as the council of local governments and Metropolitan Planning Organization for central Arkansas since 1955.”

South Loop Study

The South Loop Study aims to increase safety and transportation flow in the southeast Pulaski County area. The study will consider the current and future need, and potential routes, for a new “southern loop” roadway that would connect I-440 with I-530 through the Port of Little Rock. The study area is east of Interstate 530 and south of Interstate 440, primarily agricultural fields leading to the Arkansas River. Little Rock, Pulaski County, Wrightsville, Sweet Home and College Station are located within the study area.

Listed below are links pertaining to the public meeting for the study:

Feedback from land owners, residents, Port employees, community leaders and other within the Study Area through a series of public meetings. Input and data received from public meetings will help identify the best alignment for the South Loop and identify additional information. Study materials are available to review online. Individuals are invited to complete a comment form and return it via email to comments@metroplan.org

We have also set up a web map showing the preliminary and preferred alignments that show up on the handout maps. The link to that map is South Loop Study Map Viewer (arcgis.com).