“Metroplan acts as a voice of regionalism and has worked as the council of local governments and Metropolitan Planning Organization for central Arkansas since 1955.”

Long Range Plan

The creation and implementation of the area’s long range transportation plan is a principal  function of Metroplan as the region’s designated Metropolitan Planning Organization.  The current long-range transportation plan, Imagine Central Arkansas, was adopted by the Metroplan Board of directors in December of 2014.

The long-range plan is updated every five years and has a planning horizon of twenty to twenty –five years in the future. The long-range plan provides a vision for how to invest in and improve the regional transportation infrastructure of Central Arkansas.


Central Arkansas 2050 – FINAL – December 2018

Central Arkansas 2050 Amendment 4, Chapter 7
Adopted 11/16/2022

2023 – 2026 TIP
Adopted 11/16/2022